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Water Softening Plants

Water Softening Plant are very efficient water softeners
that are effective in reducing the hardness of the water.

Water Softener


AQUA PURE Softener are based on Ion Exchange process. The strong acid cation resins replace dissolved iron like calcium and magnesium from water producing high quality soft water.

The softener prevents scaling of your existing pipes, taps, water heater, washing machine, tiles, marbles, and human skin & hair etc. The hardness of water is effectively reduced by exchanging the Sodium ions.

Hard waters are frequently unsuitable for many industrial and domestic purposes because of their tendency to form scale in equipment such as boilers, pipelines, and engine jackets. So, it is necessary to treat the water to remove the unwanted constituents and make it suitable for the purpose it is used for.

We supply from 100 to 10,000 LPH. Necessary salt preparation tank with injection systems are also offered with the systems. The softener packages are offered in FRP/SS vessels as per client equipments.