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Commercial RO Systems

Cost Effective, Highly Reliable and Easily Maintainable
250 LPH - 5000 LPH Commercial RO Systems

Our Commercial RO systems are engineered as per the client's technical specification and in accordance to industrial standards and requirements of the particular industry. The commercial RO systems that we offer are cost effective, highly reliable and easily maintainable. It can be operated continually at ease with minimal maintenance and support.


Salient Features:

  • World's latest and best technology to convert any water to drinking water
  • Fresh water any time
  • Comply with all international standards
  • Semi, fully automatic systems
  • Compact and modular design - capacity can be expanded to suite the requirement
  • Product flow rate 0.1 - 50 M3/h



Standard Features:

  • Pump protection from dry running
  • Monitor outlet water quality
  • Auto flush
  • HPP protection for both low and high pressure
  • Plant trips if the level of antiscalant & PH booster in dosing tank is low


250 LPH

500 LPH

1000 LPH

5000 LPH